“Tree” Exhibit at Main Street Gallery

“Trees try to reach us,” says artist, Kathy Flament. “Leaves whisper and gossip. Branches clatter and groan. Roots scramble and dive.” The simple yet majestic tree has clearly captured the imagination of this painter and mixed media artist who is Main Street Gallery’s featured artist for the May/June exhibit, entitled “Trees.”

The proud silhouette of this marine pine tree is the image of determination and courage to the artist, Kathy Flament.

The arcs and intersecting lines of branches, the grays, greens, reds and golds of leaves and even the sounds of leaves blowing in the wind have all inspired and informed Kathy’s colorful and contemporary artwork, she says. She adds that trees have also mentored her as an artist.

“I take daily cues from them,” she claims. “I still hold a vision of a marine pine in my mind. It was one of the first trees that shaped my personality. Its proud silhouette at the very edge of an outcropping is the image of determination and courage to me.”

Kathy goes on to say that, for her, “Trees anchor life. Scientists count their rings to decipher the past. Families in New Orleans mark the present next to the Tree of Life. It has witnessed weddings, receptions and gatherings for hundreds of years.”

Essentially a self-taught artist, Kathy initially started painting to deal with a bout of depression. “…even now,” she says, “as I paint, I can sense that something is up……pure joy comes out a lot.” She credits art making as a key tool for her self-exploration and expression.

A native of Iowa, Kathy grew up in Illinois and earned a BA from Barat College in Lake Forest. She went on to get her MBA from Northeastern University in Boston. When she isn’t painting, she is an independent focus group moderator who now calls Rehoboth Beach home.

Kathy has exhibited her artwork in numerous venues in Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia. She is also a member of the Main Street Gallery co-op. For the “Trees” exhibit, her fellow gallery members will be showing their tree inspired artwork alongside of hers.

“Trees” will open on Thursday, May 4 and run through Sunday, June 25. There will be two artist receptions on Second Saturdays, May 13 and June 10 from 5 to 8 p.m. Both receptions are free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.

Main Street Gallery is located at 518 Poplar Street in Cambridge, directly across from Jimmie and Sook’s Restaurant. Parking is on the street or behind the gallery. For further information, visit www.mainstgallery.org or call 410-330-4659.

Kathy Flament’s artwork, including “Breeze Tree,” is on display in a new exhibit entitled “Trees” at the Main Street Gallery during May and June.

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