Indoor Lacrosse Coming to the Eastern Shore

A new effort has been initiated by a local lacrosse enthusiast to begin an adult Indoor Lacrosse League on the Eastern Shore. In conjunction with Talbot County Parks and Recreation, Jake Alvarez is creating an opportunity for adults to play a high level of indoor lacrosse in the area.

The League’s aim is to bring in four competitive teams that play every Tuesday evening on the Sport Court at the Talbot Community Center in Easton. Post-collegiate and local collegiate players are encouraged to play. The aim is to form teams of at least 10 players, however, free agents are welcome and can be placed on a team.

The ice rink at the Community Center is transformed into a “box” for the indoor lacrosse game, which is a faster and more intense version of field play. The League will be affordable at $35 per player for weekly games starting May 8 through July 17 on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Not a newcomer to the game, Jake realized there was no local opportunity for men to play competitive lacrosse on the Shore and wanted to create opportunities to spread the historic and honorable game of box lacrosse to the area.

What has become an interscholastic, professional and international sport, lacrosse’s roots started as a Native American game known as stickball. It started as a contest played by tribal warriors for training, recreation and religious reasons in the western Great Lakes region. Missionaries were the first to witness the game in the 1630s, but lacrosse probably dates to 1100AD. It was known as “The Creator’s Game” as lacrosse has a very spiritual meaning for Native Americans and is revered as such. Jake hopes to translate that to this area of the country.

Jake, assistant sports performance coach at Washington College, played for the Ithaca College Bombers in New York and more recently made the Puerto Rican National Lacrosse Team, which is preparing to compete at the 2018 Federation of International Lacrosse Men’s Lacrosse World Championship in Israel this summer. Jake is looking forward to playing box lacrosse with honor in Easton this spring.

The Indoor Lacrosse League is run by Talbot County Parks and Recreation at the Talbot County Community Center. For more details, visit, call 410-770-8050 or email

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