Art Hunt 2018

A summer tradition in St. Michaels, the Art Hunt is a scavenger hunt for artwork “hidden” in various businesses throughout town beginning July 1 and ending July 31. Paintings by St. Michaels Art League members are placed in stores, along with cards listing the paintings and the participating merchants. Visitors take the cards to the participating stores and have the merchant mark the card when a painting is spotted. Find 12 of the 20 paintings listed and present the card at Justine’s Ice Cream to receive a free ice cream cone. Art Hunt provides fun for the whole family. Paintings are also for sale.

Justine’s is located at 106 North Talbot Street in St. Michaels. This program is funded in part by a grant from the Talbot County Arts Council, with revenues provided by the Maryland State Arts Council. For more information, visit

“Justine’s,” by Sharon Mills.
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