Neurosurgery Team Gets Up and Running

The UM Shore Regional Health neurosurgery team led by Khalid Kurtom, MD has taken on a new challenge – one that’s sending them to the gym once they leave the OR or the Neurosurgery practice office in Shore Medical Pavilion at Easton at the end of their day.

“As a team, we have taken on a fitness challenge,” says Dr. Kurtom, adding that all nine members of the Neurosurgery practice are in training to participate in the St. Michaels Running Festival, Saturday, May 18, 2019. “In line with the Mission ‘Creating Healthier Communities Together,’ we believe that the health of our UM Shore Regional Health employees is a great place to start.”

UM Shore Regional Health’s Neurosurgery team: front row, Kelsey Wilson, Candice Gardini, Erika Jordan and Wendy Towers; back row, Tom Bush, Cindy Yost, Robert Brault, Khalid Kurtom and Tyler Gogoll.

The Neurosurgery team is very diverse, including more than 30 years’ difference between the youngest and eldest members, and varying levels of athletic experience and fitness. Says Kurtom, “I am very proud that all of my staff members agreed to make this a team project. We hope to set an example that inspires fellow employees throughout the system — and just as important, our patients and their family members — to take their health and fitness seriously.”

In  training for the St. Michaels Running Festival are: Robert Brault, surgical technologist; Thomas Bush, staff nurse, Perioperative Services; Candice Gardini, front desk lead; Tyler Gogoll, surgical team lead; Erika Jordan, staff nurse; Khalid Kurtom, MD, medical director, System Operations, UM SRH; Wendy Towers, nurse practitioner; Kelsey Wilson, surgical coordinator; andCindy Yost, director, Credentialing, UM SRH Medical Affairs.

For more information about the St Michaels Running Festival, visit or the Facebook page

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