Campbell’s Lane Farm hosts a Child-Focused Equine Experience

 Jennifer Fox is offering Discovering Your Child’s Best Self, an equine experience for children ages five through 12 who have been diagnosed with special needs. The 6-week program consists of 45-minute private sessions once a week at Campbell’s Lane Farm in Preston.  The winter session begins on Monday, January 13, 2020. Day and evening appointments are available.

Jennifer Fox, a children’s equine specialist, is offering a winter session of Discovering Your Child’s Best Self at Campbell’s Lane Farm in Preston beginning January 13, 2020.

Under Fox’s expert guidance children will have an opportunity to work through any issue that they face on a daily basis. Children who will benefit from these private sessions may have a medical diagnosis, such as autism or cerebral palsy; sensory processing difficulties due to hypotania (low muscle tone), developmental delay, and coordination disorders. The program also benefits children diagnosed with a mental, emotional, or physical condition that requires a different approach to learning and living

“This child-focused equine experience acknowledges the unique needs of each child,” says Fox. “I supervise each child as he or she interacts with well-trained horses in the calming environment of Campbell’s Lane Farm. Children learn at their own pace through activities such as horse grooming, feeding and walking; farm play and chores; and other activities that develop balance, fine motor skills, core strength, and flexibility.”

Fox adds, “These farm-based experiences teach children about the natural consequences of interacting with the world around them. Unlike the virtual reality of a video game or a movie, the child sees that when he plays in the dirt, he gets dirty; when she encounters a bee, she needs to respect its territory. Children leave each session feeling accomplished and excited about returning to the farm and their animal friends.”

Fox consults with occupational therapists, physical therapists, pediatric specialists, and mental health practitioners to ensure that each child is safe and understood.

Parents will meet with Fox before the first session to discuss the child’s needs. Periodic assessment will continue throughout the program to determine the child’s response to the program and to make adjustments, as needed.

Fox has been riding horses since she was four-years-old. Her love of children and experience as a nanny led her to study early childhood development in college.

“I learned from my relationships with children diagnosed with autism the importance of setting boundaries while following their lead toward activities that spark their interest and help them learn their own life lessons,” Fox explains. “My experience as a riding instructor and coach help me to listen, observe, and offer ideas that suit the needs of each child. In this safe environment the kids get lessons that follow them off the farm and into their relationships with family and friends.” 

Campbell’s Lane Farm is located at 22862 Dover Bridge Road in Preston, Maryland. Owned by Anne Altvater the 50-acre farm has become a center of excellence for well-trained horses and award-winning riders. Today the farm has indoor and outdoor facilities for a variety of programs for people of all ages. The Campbell’s Lane Farm team brings creativity and fun to leader development programs, Insight Equine Therapy, celebratory events, and community fundraisers. Learn more at

To book a session of Discovering Your Child’s Best Self: A Child-Focused Equine Experience, call Jennifer Fox at 410-310-2347 or email

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