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The Mill is your local family owned store that serves as your “One Stop Shop” for all your lawn and garden, pet, wild bird, livestock and farm needs. The Kingstown store is located at 7121 Church Hill Road in Chestertown, and has been voted “The Best Garden Center” by Kent County residents for multiple years.

Chris and Liz Starkey operated the garden center, formerly known as Kingstown Farm, Home and Garden, before partnering with Henry and Brenda Holloway in 2019. Joining six other Mill stores in Maryland and Pennsylvania allows for expanding product lines, more technical resources and providing a delivery service to a greater area.

The Garden Center

While plants are carried all year, the garden center prepares for new plants in mid-February. Dormant trees and shrubs arrive early for hardier stock. Shade, fruit, native and ornamental trees are available most of the year. As soon as the weather breaks, annual flowers and cold crop vegetables arrive. As spring progresses, herbs, perennials, biennials, more vegetables and pond plants arrive. Exotics and natives are popular and, while yearly favorites are abundant, new cultivars and unique or hard to find specimens can be found at the store. The Mill carries up to 4,000 plants in its garden centers.

In the off-season, The Mill has succulents and houseplants for plant lovers. Seeds are a popular item in February as many anticipate the spring season, especially this year with the growing trend toward victory gardens. Many residents spent more time at home and are realizing the benefits of being outdoors and growing more of their own food. Container and raised bed gardening have both seen a revival and recent research is confirming the therapeutic effects growing plants has on human physical and mental health. The Mill’s Certified Professional Horticulturist constantly reviews research trials, trends and varieties and provides educational meetings and resources for hobbyists and professionals.

As more community development plans require native plantings, The Mill has become native savvy, and can recommend the type of planting to support the environment and wildlife while being hardy and maintenance free for the local area with a wide selection of native trees, shrubs, perennials, ephemerals, pond plants, and biennials. They also participate in The Marylanders Plant Trees Coupons, are Shore River friendly, assist the Chester River Research Station at Foreman’s Branch Bird Observatory and offer free horticulture classes monthly. Recently, The Mill has started including educational video postings in the garden center on their Facebook page.


The Mill’s team of experts engage in efforts to support environmental and ecological awareness and issues. They promote sustainability measures and the 4R approach on the turf and agronomy operations, seek organic or natural products that are effective and affordable for the retail stores and provide advice to homeowners, animal owners, farmers and gardeners who choose conventional products or methods on how to safely use products to reduce environmental impacts or health concerns.

There are certified agronomists and turf specialists to help interpret soil test results and provide advice on nutrient requirements for lawns and agricultural crops. They rely on top technology to provide current knowledge and advice.

Youth in Livestock

The Mill also stays engaged in and supports the local communities that they serve as a supporter of youth in agriculture programs, donating heavily to 4-H and FFA youth involved in animal and plant science projects. Many of the Mill’s feed customers are raising and showing livestock and horses. Mill experts help provide education and nutritional support by visiting farms to weigh and measure progress and provide feeding advice to help reach their customer’s goals. The Mill also supports youth by purchasing their animals at sales.


The Mill has extensive experience in the equine world with professionals and hobbyists. Mill customers are owners of companion, show ring, dressage, hunt club and racetrack horses. Experts with extensive backgrounds in feeding and performance horses are available for technical support.


They work with industry experts to develop bird seed blends suited to the Eastern Shore bird populations and carry other products to support and control wildlife populations.


The Mill carries a complete line of pet foods and supplies from top brand dog foods to feed and supplies for rabbits and domestic pet birds.

There are also great home décor and gift items that are reasonably priced and worth a visit to the store. The Mill’s webstore is growing daily, and curbside pickup is available as well as home delivery options, in addition to in-store shopping.

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