Kevertin Pet Resort Celebrating 25 Years

Kevertin Pet Resort is a full-service boarding, grooming and day care facility in Easton. Kevertin greets hundreds of repeat clients and their pets every year from all over. Many people are familiar with Kevertin and the high-quality services they provide, but few people know that the Kevertin we know and love today started with one Blue Tick Hound named Loppy.

In the spring of 1994, Kay Clear’s grooming salon of six years was thriving and was a fantastic income to help provide for her family of eight. She had no intention of growing or redeveloping her business – that is, not until a severely ill rescue dog came into her life. One of Kay’s regular grooming clients, Patty Fox, a fellow animal lover and advocate, told Kay about a Blue Tick Hound that was very ill and needed to be immediately rescued for any chance of rehabilitation. Without hesitation, Kay and Patty joined forces to adopt and nurse this dog back to health. He was thin and frail and had long droopy ears, for which he was named Loppy. In the end, Loppy sadly did not recover from his illness but he ended his life with care, comfort and compassion and knowing that he was truly loved and part of a family. While their time with Loppy had ended too soon, Kay and Patty knew that their work in caring for animals together was just beginning.


Kay and Patty partnered to open Kevertin Pet Resort, a small 20-run boarding kennel, in November 1995. Their focus was on each dog as an individual and catered to their physical and mental well-being by offering each guest quiet accommodations, daily walks, multiple play sessions, specialty foods and medications. Each guest is treated as an individual and no “one-size fits all” rule applied to their boarding approach: love, compassion and intense observation and attention was provided for all. Kevertin’s boarding started off slowly but that was not to last long.

In 1998, Patty was spreading herself too thin between family and community obligations and the ever-growing demand of the kennel and decided to part ways with her portion of Kevertin so Kay took over as sole owner and operator. The two remain close, life-long friends. In fact, Patty is referred to as “Aunt Patty” by Kay’s grandchildren and is a staple at all of the Clear’s holidays and family functions.

Since then, Kevertin has grown and evolved greatly. Kevertin now boards up to 75 dogs a night, offers grooming services five days a week and has opened a doggie day camp program that is run by a certified dog trainer and offers a safe and enjoyable play environment for more than 50 campers a week.

As Kevertin Pet Resort prepares to celebrate its 25th anniversary in November, there are two constants that have not changed – Kay and her philosophy of care. Kevertin remains focused on caring for each and every guest as a unique individual that requires love, compassion, attention and physical enrichment to maintain his or her mental well-being. There is still no “one-size fits all” approach at Kevertin Pet Resort, but all dogs will know love, comfort and compassion while a guest at Kevertin Pet Resort. Loppy would be very proud of what he started.

Kevertin Pet Resort, open seven days a week, is located at 8623 Mullet Branch Road in Easton. For more information, visit or call 410-822-8161.

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