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The Gluten Free Bakery Girl, or the GFBG, has been a source of local, delicious, gluten free pastries for eight years in St. Michaels and surrounding areas. The owner, Tricia King, has been baking since she was a child. It may sound cliche but she used to watch Julia Child as a young girl. She tried her hand at cream puffs, with her mom’s help, at the age of five. Baking has always been a passion and, after she graduated from college, she opened the Purple Pomegranate Personal Chef Business in Salt Lake City. Her food adventure was off and running.

Tricia King

Tricia does not have Celiacs disease herself but has been gluten free for 16 years due to a gluten intolerance. As a personal chef, she had a customer with rheumatoid arthritis who was free of all inflammatory foods. After learning about how that contributed to her health, Tricia really delved into studying even more about gluten free and Celiacs disease. Tricia then became gluten free herself and feeling better from it, she continued becoming a pastry chef in Scotland and at the Inn at Perry Cabin. Tricia learned it was her passion to bake certified gluten free pastries and baked goods for people with Celiacs. She wanted the Celiac community to enjoy the sweet life and not miss out on flavor.

Gluten Free Bakery Girl makes a delicious gluten free wedding cake.

GFBG makes its own mixes to match authentic flavors. As a certified gluten free facility, Tricia not only offers options for Celiacs and gluten intolerant clients, but also for those who need vegan and dairy free options. GFBG also specialize in wholesale, retail, online pre-order, and even nationwide shipping.

In a recent online review, Tabitha commented, “I just ate the Raspberry Bakewell Tart and OMG that was absolute heaven!!” In another review, Taylor complimented them by saying, “Reason #87692 to shop local – they take the time to get to know their customers.”

How can you get some GFBG goodies yourself? Stop by one of GFBG’s wholesale customer’s shops that carry the products. Check online for their many locations. Orders may also be placed online for pre-order pick up at their home base of 116 North Talbot Street in St. Michaels, Monday through Saturday, or stop by Friday and Saturday to shop from the pastry window. GFBG is also making it easier than ever to get some treats by using the Eastern Shore local delivery service Beat The Rush, which is an app one can download. For more information or to place an order, visit www.glutenfreebakerygirl.com or contact Tricia at 410-693-1153, or glutenfreebakerygirl@gmail.com.

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