Annual “Art of the Garden” Exhibition

The Trippe Gallery presents the annual “Art of the Garden” exhibition, featuring oil paintings by Nancy Tankersley, Elise Phillips, Jill Basham, Meg Nottingham Walsh and Stephen Haynes as well as fine art photography by Nanny Trippe, acrylic paintings by Hanna MacNaughtan and Botanical watercolors by Lee B. D’Zmura. The gallery will be open on First Friday, May 7 until 7:30 p.m. The Trippe Gallery is located at 23 North Harrison Street in downtown Easton. For more information, call 410-310-8727.

Well known for her figurative and landscape paintings of watermen of the Eastern Shore, Nancy Tankersley is showing her flair for floral still lifes in the oil paintings in this exhibit. Rich in color and composition, the paintings reflect her distinguished artistic style.

An inherent love of painting is visible in the floral oil paintings of Elise Phillips. While the bucolic countryside is a source of inspiration for many of her paintings, Elise’s approaches to her floral paintings are equally compelling in their impressionistic representation.

In her floral representations, Jill Basham also departs from her broad emotive landscape vistas and presents a soft, more muted composition. Jill is adept at matching the mood of her paintings with her brushwork, color palette and value/temperature.

Known for landscapes drenched in light and color, Meg Nottingham Walsh takes a simplistic concentrated approach to her floral paintings. Her work has a strong realistic element characterized by simplified shapes, limited values and glowing color.

An up-and-coming artist, the oil paintings of Stephen Haynes present a Van Gogh like use of paint and representation. Stephen’s paintings are bold in color and artistic in an impressionistic manner.

During the first months of quarantine in 2020, fine art photographer Nanny Trippe learned the art of still life photography created in her home studio. Featuring floral specimens from her garden in a setting employing found and collected items, the photographs present both formal and abstract compositions.

Hanna MacNaughtan is an artist from a village in South Eastern Ontario Canada. Her current artwork is focused on large, textured, abstract and impressionistic paintings on canvas. Her main inspiration comes from riparian foliage and the dynamic light along the river near her home as well as the colors, textures, and sounds of nature.

Lee Boulay D’Zmura is a well-known, award winning botanical artist. Her watercolors are an attempt to capture the beauty and delicacy of the individual specimen with botanical accuracy. The fine detail in her paintings is, in part, the result of years of technical drawing.

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