Talbot Arts Distributes Record Funds

Talbot Arts, the county arts agency in Talbot County, will award $125,000 in grants to Talbot County arts organizations and programs beginning July 1. These grants are made available through three funding opportunities:  community arts development grants, special project grants, and mini-grants. These funds are made possible through the Maryland State Arts Council, which serves as the funding source for the 24 county-based- arts agencies and Baltimore City in the State of Maryland. As the Maryland State Arts Council requires, local grant awards must be matched on at least a one-for-one basis in cash by the requesting organization. Applicants must be organized as Maryland non-profit corporations with IRS tax-exempt status or be government-related entities such as libraries or parks and recreation departments.
While a significant portion of the grants goes to well-known arts providers in the county, Talbot Arts works diligently to identify start-ups new to the area or established organizations that are adding the arts to their program offerings. Eighteen organizations are designated to receive $115,000, with the balance of the funds set aside for pilot programs or organizations seeking support for unexpected opportunities.
This year, the organization conducted a community-wide survey asking residents to share their interests and thoughts about the arts in our county. The information collected helped the board make decisions about funding priorities and grant making.
The entire Talbot Arts board participates in the review process. Reviewers assessed each application on the artistic merit of the proposed arts activities, the organization’s perceived ability to execute the program, and how well the program will serve the residents and guests of Talbot County. Applicants also submitted their plans and reported on their progress in increasing diversity, accessibility, inclusion, and equity in their programs. In addition to an awards notification, each grantee received comments and feedback on their grant application.
To earn more about Talbot Arts programs and resources, visit www.talbotarts.org.
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