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In 1979, Louise Hawkins started Attraction magazine, “the Good News Magazine” of Maryland’s Mid-Shore. She handled all of the sales, editorial and delivery on her own. She was a well-known fixture in the community and had a ready smile for everyone. Richard Slaughter became partners with Louise in 1997, continued to work with her for several years until she retired and then purchased Attraction in 2002. Richard worked as Publisher until his death in 2017 when his wife Harriett took over ownership. On January 1, 2018, Allison Downes became the owner of Attraction magazine.

Meet the Staff

Jennifer Latham

Associate Publisher

Jenn has been the Associate Publisher of Attraction since 2004. Each month she waves her magic wand and articles get written, copy is edited, photographs are taken, pages are laid out and the website gets updated. Having previously thought she was a neat and organized person, Jenn has a desk covered in papers (and sometimes a dog toy or random Lego) and her calendar system works best when using a Sharpie on the back of her hand, but it all magically comes together! In her free time, Jenn enjoys watching her teen boys play baseball and ride horses as well as gardening, reading and sewing. Contact Jennifer at jennifer@attractionmag.com.

Harriett Downes-Slaughter


After teaching elementary school for 19 years, editing and proof reading Attraction for the past 20 years has helped to keep Harriett’s mind young and her life very busy. She advises readers to have a calendar handy to fill in while looking at the magazine because there are so many wonderful things going on throughout the Eastern Shore. Enjoying time on a beach, attending Elvis concerts and watching the grandchildren grow up make Harriett’s life complete.

Allison Downes

Graphic Designer

Allison joined the family business in 2013 after 15 years in the education field. She started out in Advertising Sales and is now the Graphic Designer for the magazine. If your business needs an ad created, she can do it for you! Allison loves being able to use her creative side and seeing the finished product in print. In her free time, Allison enjoys sailing, running, craft beer and cheering for the Washington Capitals! Contact Allison at allison@attractionmag.com or call 410-299-5909.

Emily Lynn

Director of Marketing

Emily recently joined the Attraction team after 12 years in the nonprofit development field. An avid fan of Attraction magazine in her previous roles with The Gunston School and Habitat Choptank, she saw firsthand the value and impact of Attraction in local communities. She brings with her years of relationship building, public relations and marketing skills. In her free time, Emily enjoys reading, paddle boarding, running, playing golf and watching Alabama football. Contact Emily at 205-223-3882 or emily@attractionmag.com.

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