Joyful “Noise” Since 1985

When Sean Mann was first starting out in the call manufacturing business in the mid 1980s, Richard Slaughter was a big supporter of what Sean could achieve. Richard hadn’t become Owner and…

Invaluable Vegetables

Plants have many ways of sending messages to us humans, if we pay attention. Thorns, scents and colors are some of the ways that plants send clues about their compatibility or usefulness.…

Find Your Chesapeake: Trap Pond State Park

Attraction magazine has partnered with the National Park Service Chesapeake Bay Office and Chesapeake Conservancy to help readers find their next adventure. Each month, we’ll feature a new place from their helpful…

Birdseed Sale and Seed Social 

Our local birds have finished their breeding season, and the fledglings are striking out on their own. Several birds will be switching their diets from insects to high fat seeds and suets…

Making Oxford Connections

With its lengthy history, Oxford has seen its fair share of reincarnations over the centuries. From its charter in 1683 when it was known as Williamstadt, Oxford is the Eastern Shore’s oldest…

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