Talbot Swim Club Girls Dominate League Championships

The Talbot Swim Club Tunamis (TSC) placed fourth in their division and fourth overall at the Delmarva Swim Association League Champions held on July 28 at the Sussex Academy Aquatic Center. The league is comprised of 24 teams from throughout Delmarva. The TSC girls dominated the meet, as the 7-8 girls placed second overall, the 9-10 and 11-12 girls both placed first overall, and the 15-18 girls placed third. TSC’s 13-14 boys also placed third overall. Several new individual and relay records were set. For more information about Talbot Swim Club, visit www.talbotswim.org.

7-8 girls

100y freestyle relay – 2nd – Kylee Smith, Izzy Ochse, Lily Tiebosch, K.C. Sauter

100y medley relay – 4th – K.C. Sauter, Kylee Smith, Izzy Ochse, Lily Tiebosch

25y butterfly – 2nd – Kylee Smith

25y backstroke – 1st – Kylee Smith*

25y freestyle –  1st – Kylee Smith, 7th – Lily Tiebosch

9-10 girls

100y freestyle relay – 1st – Claire Morris, Emma Morris, Maren Murdoch, Madalyn Weems*

100y medley relay – 2nd – Emma Morris, Madalyn Weems, Claire Morris, Maren Murdoch*

25y butterfly – 6th – Maren Murdoch

25y backstroke – 6th – Emma Morris, 7th – Maren Murdoch

25y breaststroke – 2nd – Madalyn Weems, 6th – Faith Choi, 8th – Emma Morris

25y freestyle – 1st – Madalyn Weems, 3rd – Emma Morris

100y individual medley – 2nd – Madalyn Weems

11-12 girls

200y freestyle relay – 1st – Gennie Webb, Kayla Smith, Isabella Westerfield, Kylie Weems

200y medley relay – 1st – Gennie Webb, Kayla Smith, Kylie Weems, Isabella Westerfield

50y butterfly – 1st – Kylie Weems*

50y backstroke – 2nd – Gennie Webb

50y breaststroke – 3rd – Kylie Weems*, 5th – Kayla Smith

50y freestyle – 3rd – Gennie Webb

100y individual medley – 2nd – Kylie Weems, 7th – Kayla Smith, 8th – Gennie Webb

The TSC 11/12 girls relay team of Kayla Smith, Isabella Westerfield, Gennie Webb and Kylie Weems won both the 200-yard medley and freestyle relays and were the overall high point winners in their age group. Kylie Weems set new team records in the 50 butterfly and breast stroke.

13-14 girls

50y butterfly – 1st – Grace Serino*

50y freestyle – 3rd – Grace Serino

100y individual medley – 4th – Grace Serino

15-18 girls

200y freestyle relay – 2nd – Jordan Friedman, Lexi Clark, Catherine Sauter, Grace Serino

200y medley relay – 2nd – Susanna Bruce, Jordan Friedman, Catherine Sauter, Grace Serino

50y butterfly – 6th – Catherine Sauter

50y backstroke – 8th – Susanna Bruce

50y breaststroke – 1st – Jordan Friedman*

50y freestyle – 3rd – Jordan Friedman

100y individual medley – 1st – Jordan Friedman, 7th – Susanna Bruce, 8th – Catherine Sauter

Talbot Swim Club’s Jordan Friedman, Grace Serino, Catherine Sauter and Lexi Clark placed second in the 200-yard freestyle relay.

13-14 boys

200y freestyle relay – 1st – David Gardner, Dean Serino, John Remaniak, Colin Kelly

50y butterfly – 8th – John Remaniak

50y backstroke – 2nd – David Gardner*

50y breaststroke – 2nd – John Remaniak

50y freestyle – 4th – David Gardner, 8th – Colin Kelly

100y individual medley – 4th – David Gardner

*Indicates new team record.

Talbot Swim Club’s John Remaniak, Dean Serino, David Gardner and Colin Kelly placed first in the 13/14 Boys 200-yard freestyle relay at their League Championships and earned 3rd overall highpoint in their age group. Gardner set a new team record in the 13/14 boys 50-yard backstroke.
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