Attraction’s “Lucky Bird”

Have you ever wondered how a tradition begins? The kind where you run out at 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve because you can’t have a holiday without that one magical item? For us at Attraction, the “lucky bird” is our monthly tradition. None of us are sure how and when it began, but we aren’t about to print an issue without that darn bird! Oh, we’ve tried to forget it over the years, only to realize at the last moment and scramble to find a little hole (phew, crisis averted).

These little space fillers, seen from time to time on our pages, have been passed down from the 1970s. Some of them were drawn by founder Louise Hawkins’ daughter, Tara Moore. Others came from origins unknown. We aren’t even sure where our lucky bird came from or how it even became lucky, but it is. I guess we look at it this way: Attraction has been lucky enough to thrive for 40 years, even as the newspaper industry struggles, so if the “lucky bird” has had any influence on our success, that bird will continue to grace our pages.

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