Fascinating Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for five centuries to support the health and well being of humans for everything from fatigue and stress to skin problems and respiratory issues. Today there continues to be a thriving market for essential oils. In fact, according to Allied Market Research, the essential oil market is expected to reach $11.19 billion by 2022.

Many are discovering the wonderful properties of essential oils for the first time. With little to no side effects, folks want to find out what all-natural plant extract can do for them. And why not? The oils smell good, a little goes a long way, they can be used to support every system of the body and they are easy to obtain.

Kelly Bigelow’s journey to a healthier lifestyle was a slow one, she admits. Not to say that she wasn’t a healthy person 10 years ago, but just an uninformed one. Losing both her parents to cancer, Kelly’s sister had been researching holistic treatments and learned some staggering statistics about products marketed to be helpful. Kelly listened with half an ear for years. But on a trip to Hawaii to honor their mother’s life, Kelly learned that the sunscreen she was applying to her two children contained carcinogens, a substance that is known to cause cancer. Waving the red flag, Kelly’s sister implored her to read labels. Kelly took notice.

But it was when her own respiratory issues flared up once again that Kelly took action. Kelly’s co-worker provided her with essential oils that cleared up her condition within two days. It meant Kelly avoided the long traditional medical treatment, limiting her exposure to side effects of medicines and high medical costs. Kelly woke up to what her sister had been telling her for years. There are healthy and viable alternatives.

Kelly has spent the last 18 months on an “amazing learning journey,” she says. Bit by bit she has internalized information to get where she is now. Today, Kelly is an independent distributor for Young Living (YL) Essential Oils, a company that fosters healing and discovery while inspiring people to wellness, purpose and abundance.

After researching companies, Kelly decided on YL because of the company’s values and high standards summarized in its Seed to Seal promise. There are many, many reasons to use essential oils, but it boils down to its core function – essential oils support our normal body functions and restore them to their fullest potential.

Ways to incorporate essential oils into our lives is easy and pleasant. Humans benefit from essential oils in one of three ways: aromatically, topically and internally. Typically, a diffuser is used to mist the oils into the air and then they are breathed in. Kelly also wears jewelry with the beads, made of lava, soaked in essential oils, which provide a boost all day long. Topically, the oils can be applied and absorbed into the skin, taking only 20 seconds for us to reap the oil’s benefits. And YL offers essential oils that may be ingested, although not all brands support ingestion.

Kelly explains that YL is very much a lifestyle company, as it also offers supplements, personal care products, cleaning products, pet products, and more. “My mission is to share the message of understanding how our bodies work. People need to know that toxins impact us and that there are alternative ways to clean our bodies and homes,” she said. She is careful to point out that she is not in the business of diagnosing, treating or curing, but Kelly explains how essential oils may help a person support body function.

Orange essential oil, for example, is the number one seller in the industry for its mood boosting qualities. It’s also great for the skin. As it turns out, clove and oregano have antibacterial and antifungal qualities. Lavender is great for promoting relaxation and sleep. And the list goes on and on.

As with anything, it’s important to learn about the products you are buying and to trust the brand. Using the oils as they are intended is critical. Kelly is happy to speak with individuals who want to learn more about the benefits of essential oils. Email Kelly at usthree1@hotmail.com or find her on Facebook.

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