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Caroline Wrightson and Alice Lloyd remember seeing each other growing up in Easton. Caroline worked in her aunt’s downtown shop, American Pennyroyal. Alice popped in there from time to time, but they also had mutual acquittances and their families are long-time friends. Little did they know their paths would cross again much later. Since leaving Easton as young adults, they were surprised to learn their lives had crisscrossed, sharing similar life experiences while worlds apart. In a wonderful and deeply connecting meeting that they still talk about today, Caroline and Alice had their first brainstorming and business dreaming session this time last year. Today, they are pleased to bring their passions together as a unified partnership believing in whole-body wellness and nutrient-dense eating.

Caroline Wrightson (left) and Alice Lloyd bring their passions together as a unified partnership believing in whole-body wellness and nutrient-dense eating.

Caroline is a nationally board-certified acupuncturist through the NCCAOM and a Licensed Acupuncturist in both Maryland and Pennsylvania. She is certified in cancer care through the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. She actively seeks to provide exceptional patient benefits in her hometown. Acupuncture promotes health and well-being in many ways, through normalizing the body’s function, treating symptoms of certain diseases and dysfunctions, and preventing or modifying the perception of pain. Caroline has experience with both chronic and complex illness, addiction, pain and more. She passionately seeks to provide natural and authentic healing for all her patients utilizing a unique form of acupuncture while combining functional medicine principles to create a highly effective and 100 percent natural treatment. Caroline is compassionate, results oriented and dedicated to helping each of her patients find long term health care solutions.

Alice, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, is certified to make nutritional recommendations to balance the body’s natural chemistry. She works to support and address full body wellness through thoughtful education via nutritional and lifestyle adjustments. Her goal is to help her clients become knowledgeable and responsible for their own health by focusing on preventative care and wellness. Alice works with her clients in reaching their optimal level of health by addressing the causes of ailments through supporting and bringing balance to the foundations in our body. All these foundations are built upon a single, solid base: a properly prepared, nutrient-dense whole foods diet. Alice has experience helping many clients and their families in different stages of life.

Together, Caroline and Alice share a vision dedicated to helping the surrounding community. Their goal is to bring to the Eastern Shore an innovative and wholistic model for understanding health and healing using the best of both ancient and modern medicine. Your body is designed to achieve and sustain health, and together they will show you how. Caroline and Alice are your local, dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable practitioners. In addition to their healing practices, Caroline and Alice are co-chapter leaders of The Talbot County Weston A Price Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to nutrition and health. Caroline and Alice have quarterly gatherings to discuss cooking techniques, where to get local food and much more.

HALo Wholistics and Nutritional Lifestyling with Alice are proud members of Discover Easton. Visit them online at www.halowholistics.com and www.nutritionallifestyling.com. For more information on Discover Easton, including ways to support the independent businesses community of Easton, visit www.discovereaston.com.

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