Trippe Gallery Features Animal Landscape Exhibit

The Trippe Gallery will be presenting a show featuring the animal landscape paintings of Angela Herbert-Hodges and avian landscapes of Kevin Garber.

Angela Herbert-Hodges grew up in a small village in the green rolling countryside of Cumbria, England, an idyllic place between the high peaks of the Lake District and the grey waters of the Solway Firth. She has lived and worked in London, Paris, Spain and Zimbabwe, and has currently put down roots on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Angela is a contemporary watercolorist who also uses paper, gouache, and pastel to create her vibrant and colorful paintings of landscapes, figures, and African animals. She has been awarded signature membership in the Virginia Watercolor Society and invited to show in the Academy Art Museum, the Ward Museum of Art, and winning an award in the National Collage Society, as well as being accepted into various National Juried shows. Her work offers glimpses into her deep interests, with collaged studies of the environment, and a large series of endangered African animals, with a focus on rhinoceros and elephants.

“Chance Meeting,” by Angela Herbert-Hodges

Artist Kevin Garber is a Pennsylvania native who moved to the Bay Hundred in 2008. Trained as a fine art lithographer, Kevin earned a Masters in Fine Art from the University of Nebraska. He was a professor of printmaking and drawing at Washington University in St. Louis for over 10 years. Kevin has been drawing and painting birds for 40 years. From large-scale abstracted prints to tiny detailed renderings, he has used birds as a muse throughout his entire career. As both a dreamer and an escapist, the bird suits him well, with its ability to pick up and fly away, disregarding the present for a change of scenery in any moment. Birds are the ultimate changelings. Here one moment and gone the next, birds move from the past to the future seamlessly. No need for planning or forethought, birds know that their needs will always be met, no matter which wind they choose to ride. Instinctive, decisive and fluid, birds are “in the moment” in a way that humans can only imagine. They’re free.

Kevin’s bird art is as varied as one would expect. From large scale watercolor monoprints of birds and parts of birds, abstracted and undefined – to these tiny renderings of birds from around the world, he practices his drawing skills and mark-making with these simple shapes. These birds are stationary, however. Not one is in flight. It’s the moment, this one moment – that he captures in these watercolors and oil paintings. Who knows where they – or he – will end up next? Be assured that the bird will appear again, and again, in Kevin’s work.

Also on exhibit will be bronze sculptures by long time Waterfowl Festival artist Will Hemsley and wood sculpture of 2018 Waterfowl Festival Featured Artist Eric Tardif as well as Plein Air paintings in oil and watercolor by award winning national and regional artists. The Trippe Gallery is located at 23 North Harrison Street in the heart of Historic Easton. For more information, call 410-310-8727 or visit

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