Fund Drive to Replace AEDs in Talbot County

The Talbot County Paramedic Foundation board of directors has embarked upon an aggressive plan to expand the impact of our projects in the community. Two major projects immediately planned are a replacement of the original automatic defibrillators primarily located in businesses and other community facilities throughout the county, and the initiation of a memorial scholarship fund in memory of long-time board member Sylvia Gannon. The foundation has established funding in Sylvia Gannon’s memory to grant $10,000 in annual scholarships for EMS training to support our Talbot County Emergency Management Agency (EMS).

Tom Mitchell, owner of Momma Maria’s in Trappe, provided a donation to kick off Talbot Paramedic Foundation’s inaugural Fund Drive. Accepting the check is Clay Stamp (left), Emergency Services Director and Assistant County Manager; Tom; Wayne Dyott, President, Talbot Paramedic Foundation; and Brian LeCates, Deputy Director of Talbot County Department of Emergency Services.

According to the group’s president, Wayne Dyott, “The defibrillators are over 10 years old and are due for replacement. Funds will provide grants to assist with the purchase of new units and to purchase additional defibrillators for new locations. The Foundation’s goal is to raise approximately $120,000 for this endeavor.”

He adds, “The Sylvia Gannon Memorial Scholarship fund is being created to assist with the training of Talbot County volunteer and career EMTs and Paramedics. Sylvia actively supported excellent emergency medical services in her prominent role as a member of the Talbot County Council and as a founding member of the Talbot County Paramedic Foundation.”

The Talbot County Paramedic Foundation was formed in the 1980s to support efforts to establish advanced life support throughout Talbot County. As that dream became a reality, the Foundation turned to other projects to support excellent emergency medical services for county citizens.

The foundation has quietly worked to make a marked impact on the quality of life in Talbot County through its substantial financial support in acquiring the latest technology in emergency equipment and funding for the training of EMS personnel. Over the years, donations have been received from individuals, community non-profits and as a result of events such as the balloon festival.

Wayne says the foundation has determined that it is time to ask for community support for the work of the Paramedic Foundation through an Annual Fund Drive. Wayne proudly lists some of the many successful projects organized over the last 30 years and eagerly lays out the new projects that will be completed with the help of community support.

Wayne’s list includes a nationally recognized placement of community access automatic defibrillators, community smoke detector placements, scholarships and financial support for training opportunities for EMTs and Paramedics. In addition, the foundation has worked closely with the Department of Emergency Services and the Talbot County Council to acquire equipment that features major technology upgrades, such as new automatic monitor-defibrillators and video laryngoscopes.

To support the foundation’s many projects, Wayne is asking the community to respond to the inaugural Fund Drive mailer with a generous donation. Included with the fund drive literature is a medical information sheet. The medical information sheet (refrigerator magnet included) should be completed for everyone in the household with up to date medical information. The sheets should be inserted into a plastic baggie and placed into the refrigerator where Talbot County EMS personnel are trained to look for the information when responding to an emergency. This will greatly assist Talbot’s EMS and paramedics in quickly providing care.

To donate to this worthy cause, donations can be made to Talbot Paramedic Foundation, P. O. Box 2237, Easton, Maryland 21601; or by contacting Wayne Dyott at 410-310-3921, or Visit the Talbot County Paramedic Foundation’s website at www.talbotparamedicfoundation.

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