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A river-friendly yard mimics the natural environment to benefit water quality. Even if you are not on the waterfront, every drop of water from properties within the watershed is carried to our waterways. The entire state of Maryland, plus parts of New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia comprise the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Stitching together small habitats to create conservation corridors makes an essential difference for all species – including our own – to thrive.

Though the Bay and local river watersheds are vast, creating a river-friendly yard of any size can make a real impact. Enjoy beautiful native plantings; create bird and pollinator habitat; improve soggy lawns and basements; and join ShoreRivers in achieving a vision of healthy waterways across Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

A Red Admiral Butterfly is one of many potential pollinators to visit a river-friendly yard.
Photograph courtesy of Dan Small.

Interested in creating a river-friendly space but aren’t sure where to start? Check out ShoreRivers’ easy 10-step guide. Not sure of what plants to choose? Get started with the guide’s list of 10 native meadow species that provide three-season color along with habitat for birds, bees, and butterflies. Be inspired by sample concept plans to see what other homeowners have done. Visit for strategies, native plant lists, available workshops, community consultations, and more. For more specific questions, contact Ethan LaLumia at or call 443-385-0511 x253.

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