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During the COVID-19 pandemic, people are helping one another in new and unexpected ways. Nicolas Tindall, of Nicholas Tindall Visual Art, is joining the community to provide a little light and relief in response to the new reality we are all facing.

According to Nicolas, “During these times of uncertainty, a lot of people are unsure what is going to be happening over the next few months so people all around the community are looking to provide some positivity and hope and do what we can to give back to those who need it right now.”

Nicholas recently released six of his paintings reproduced on stretched canvas in giclee format. He wanted a creative way to market his work and give back at the same time. In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, and in the spirit of community, it’s time to offer a little help to those in need, he explained. Through May, 11% of all sales will immediately go toward a meal-providing organization based in Easton, including The Talbot Interfaith Shelter, St. Vincent DePaul, Family Meal in Talbot County, and Eat Sprout.

In addition to viewing the prints online at nicholastindall.com, see them at Dwelling & Design, The Bagery, and Vintage Books in Easton.

The stretched canvas giclee prints include “Rays for Days,” “Wedding Confetti,” “Citron Neon,” “She’s Electric,” “Daytime Stars on the Perfect Set,” and “Nectar of the Gods.” The prints are all under $200, and each include a hanger on backside. No framing is necessary.

Nicholas adds, “Hang some happiness on your wall, and share the love with others as well. Eleven percent of each sale will go towards a meal-providing organization based in our local community of Easton.”

A new installation of prints is on display (even if it’s looking through the windows while stopping by for a quick bagel pick-up) at The Bagery in Easton. Nicholas said, “While we realized it wouldn’t have the same impact as under normal circumstances, we made the decision to hang anyway because it seemed like the fun, positive thing to do. Their hours of operation have changed, but they are still baking and delivering.”

Nicholas is currently accepting commissions. He is busy in his studio creating artwork during this challenging time. “This paradigm shift is challenging us all to be creative in every facet of life. Embrace it. This time is a gift,” he said. “Take this opportunity to step outside of your normal comfort zone and reconnect with nature, yourself, and others in new and old ways. Sing a song, write a poem or a letter, take a walk through the woods, play with your kids – and then bring that experience back inside by purchasing a piece of artwork.”

Nicholas may be reached at ntvisualart@gmail.com, 410-924-8017 or www.nicholastindall.com.

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