The “Four Leaf Clover Lady”

Nicole Repass is known as the “Four Leaf Clover Lady.” For years she has had the knack for finding these little beauties, stashing them in books, and sending them to family and friends in cards.

Nicole Repass, an event planner, loves repurposing tea cups into treasures for her friends and loved ones by planting four leaf clovers in them.

Nicole explains, “Everyone has a hobby. I find four leaf clovers.” Nicole likes to search out clover patches in Denton yards, on walks, hikes, wherever. Her children, now grown, probably grew up thinking everyone finds four leaf clovers. Some folks, most of us maybe, never find one.

“One day I thought why pick the clover…go all the way to the root,” said Nicole. So, she did. In her sunroom, she currently has 20 clover plants hardening off in anticipation of being placed in pretty teacups and given away as gifts. The four leaf clovers are placed in a cute vintage tea cup found at auctions, estate sales, and barn sales all over the world. The clovers thrive with a little water and TLC.

Nicole loves to give the heartfelt, one-of-a-kind teacups to friends and family, who are awed with this gift, given with a little love.

Each gift includes a heart felt message:

I’m lucky to have you.

Your friendship is the best luck.

Share the Luck! (versus share the love)

Nicole’s motto is: “Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do.”
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