Easton Carnival and Fireworks

The 4th of July Fireworks and Carnival that have been a part of Talbot County’s 4th of July Celebration since 1991 will return in full force in 2021 after last year’s cancelation due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

In an effort to try and keep community morale up last year in bleak times, and thanks largely to the Town of Easton and Mayor Willey, the fireworks went on last July, but the carnival was cancelled entirely. The Avalon Foundation, which runs the event, is excited to announce that the carnival is back in 2021.

Scott Milligan, who runs the event for The Avalon, said more than anything, he was relieved that the event could be held again. “We are so happy to be able to bring the carnival back. Yes, there will be safety protocols and a few changes to the normal flow of the carnival, but it is back and we couldn’t be happier. It’s going to be the cleanest carnival ever!”

The Avalon Foundation will work with Shaw’s Carnival to make sure all CDC safety regulations are followed and that those who attend will be safe and distanced where needed said Scott.

This year’s marquee sponsor is Fred Frederick – Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. “We would really like to express our appreciation to Fred Frederick for their continued support. They really support the community every year at this event,” said Scott. Additional Community Sponsors include the Town of Easton and Easton Utilities.

The carnival will run 10 days this year from June 26 to July 3 and will be open from 6 to 10 p.m. On July 4, the carnival will open at 4 p.m. and run all the way through the big fireworks display, which will start at dusk as usual. This year the musical entertainment starts at 7 p.m. and features local faves, Saved by Zero. “We are taking music back to what feels like a simpler time this year,” said Scott.

It’s time to get back to the future with a fun summer’s evening of retro-rock and patriotic fireworks. So, let’s get back in time with the area’s hottest new wave party band, Saved by Zero (SBZ). An irresistible nostalgic force of high-energy entertainment that will rock you with one of the greatest decades of music…the 80s. SBZ is a talented five-piece band, performing many of the hit songs from the wildly categorized new wave musical heyday that was the 1980s. Covering artists such as Duran Duran, INXS, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Blondie, The Cars, Gary Numan and (of course) The Fixx, Saved By Zero celebrates a great period of innovative and spirited music. Taking the audience back to the dawn of MTV, you can’t help but sing along and dance the night away.

The location for the fireworks and carnival is behind Target, on the corner of Maryland Route 33 (St. Michaels Road) and Maryland Route 322 (Easton Parkway). The rain date for the fireworks show will be July 5. For more information on all things 4th of July, email Scott Milligan at scott@avalonfoundation.org or call 410-822-0345.

Easton’s Carnival & 4th of July Celebration was created in 1991 by a group of community minded patriots who wanted a way for their families to celebrate Independence Day in Easton and honor service members of the first Gulf War. In 2003, the Avalon Foundation partnered with the current organizers and took over management of the carnival and 4th of July events.

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