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When Sean Mann was first starting out in the call manufacturing business in the mid 1980s, Richard Slaughter was a big supporter of what Sean could achieve. Richard hadn’t become Owner and Publisher of Attraction magazine yet; that would come later. As a friend, Richard offered advice, suggestions and helped with various things, such as shipping. The bottom line was that Richard believed in Sean.

Richard Slaughter asked that Sean Mann inscribe “This pup will hunt” on the call, only the second one made of this wood species, African Rosewood. The first call was given to Sean’s father, Bill.

Sean entered the World Goose Calling Championship in 1981. He finished fourth in the world that year, and third in the world the following two years. In 1985, Sean won the World Goose Calling Championship with the call that he designed, refined, and patented, “The Eastern Shoreman.” One of the first of those calls went to Richard Slaughter and the other went to Sean’s father, Bill. A photograph was taken of Sean and those two calls by none other than than Owner and Publisher of Attraction magazine, Louise Hawkins. Here we are in 2021 at the Waterfowl Festival’s 50th anniversary, with that same small-town connection with Attraction magazine.

Richard was correct to believe that Sean would be an industry leader with his goose and duck calls. Sean is world renowned in calling circles and has continued to build a successful business in Sean Mann Outdoors. In addition to his many wins on the calling podium, his calls have won 36 World and International titles. Sean, blowing his long call, won the first ever World Goose Calling Champion of Champions title in 1995. This year, he will be a judge in that contest, which is held every five years.

Sean repeated his victory in the 1986 World Goose Championship.

Sean was instrumental in the calling contest held during the Waterfowl Festival for years as chairman and grew it to the modern version we see today. He also served on the board of the Waterfowl Festival. He remains involved in the calling contest as a sponsor and judge.

On November 11, Sean will attain a new title during the Opening Ceremony when he is named to the Waterfowl Festival’s Hall of Fame. It is a title that “probably means more to me than it does to other people,” he admitted, and one he will cherish. And that the Waterfowl Festival is still in existence after 50 years “means everything to me,” he said.

Sean grew up attending the Waterfowl Festival. “I was just a wide-eyed punk the first year and it has been a part of my life every year since.” When Sean first started “messing around” with a goose call, he wanted a better call so he could be a better hunter. Fast forward 36 years and he continues to make the calling industry better.

Sean tunes a variety of his long calls, which began the long call “revolution.”

At this year’s Premiere Party, Sean is donating a 50th anniversary Eastern Shoreman call to be auctioned off to benefit the Waterfowl Festival. Calls two through 50 will be available to purchase and place orders at his booth all weekend at the Sportsman’s Pavilion. A portion from sales of those calls will be donated to the festival.

Sean has a great appreciation for what life has given him. “I feel like I hit the ball out of the park without ever having swung the bat,” he said.

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