ShoreRivers Activates Projects with Federal Funding Award

ShoreRivers will activate volunteers to increase tree canopy and implement restoration projects in their communities through two recent federal funding awards. The Envision the Choptank partnership, including ShoreRivers, will work with three underrepresented communities in the watershed to create green stormwater infrastructure projects. These projects will reduce nutrient pollution and make backyards and community spaces livable and beautiful. And in partnership with the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, ShoreRivers will train Tree Stewards to plant hundreds of native trees in public spaces across our watersheds. These projects are funded by two collaborative National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grants that support clean water and strong communities on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Activating Restoration in Three Underrepresented Communities in the Choptank Watershed

Building on Envision the Choptank’s existing engagement with three underrepresented communities in the Choptank watershed, this grant will support implementation of restoration projects prioritized by each community through a community restoration fund. Projects will improve water quality, address resource concerns such as stormwater flooding, increase equitable distribution of resources from restoration efforts, and enhance private lands and shared spaces.

An innovative “ambassador fund” will pay residents for their work, support community leaders, and engage community members in training and volunteer opportunities. Planning, outreach, and implementation for these projects will continue through 2023.

To learn more about Envision the Choptank, contact Whitley Gray at or 443-385-0511 ext. 202.

Urban Tree Plantings with Chesapeake Tree Stewards

ShoreRivers, in support of the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay’s Tree Stewards program, will use National Fish and Wildlife Foundation funds to implement native tree planting projects identified by volunteers and initiated by their communities. Well-established tree canopies are essential in urban and suburban areas, where they slow stormwater, filter nutrient and sediment pollution, provide habitat for birds and insects, beautify towns, absorb carbon and air pollutants, and mitigate the extreme heat produced by large expanses of impervious surface.

For many communities on the Eastern Shore that are low-lying and vulnerable to extreme weather events, planting trees can be an impactful and cost-effective solution. Trees are a critical component to ShoreRivers’ strategy to achieve healthier rivers and communities.

With a goal of 300 new trees planted across urban and suburban neighborhoods by the end of 2022, certified Tree Stewards will work with ShoreRivers’ Riverkeepers to engage volunteers, strengthen partnerships with local organizations and committees, and motivate local government to adopt beneficial practices that establish and protect urban tree canopies across the Eastern Shore.

To become a ShoreRivers Tree Steward or identify an area in need of increased tree canopy, contact Amy Narimatsu at or 410-810-7556 ext. 253.

ShoreRivers protects and restores Eastern Shore waterways through science-based advocacy, restoration, and education. For more information, visit

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