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For 43 years, Attraction has been known as “The Good News Magazine” and today we have some very good news to share!   Together with Waterfowl Festival, Inc., we are extremely pleased to announce that for the 51st Festival this coming November 11-13, 2022, Attraction Magazine will be the publisher of the Waterfowl Festival’s Official Guide.

This partnership is a natural fit for both businesses. During the past 4+ decades, Attraction Magazine has been a valued contributor and supporter of the Waterfowl Festival’s annual November event. Often seen side by side with the Official Guide at the event, Attraction has long been one of the publications available for locals and tourists to use as a resource about the Festival.

Attraction’s owner Allison Rogers (left), and proofreader Harriett Slaughter at the 2021 Premier Night.

Throughout Attraction’s history, the November issue has always focused on the Waterfowl Festival. Attraction’s founder, Louise Hawkins, began promoting the Festival in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s when Attraction was an insert to The Howard County News. She wanted to promote an awareness of the beauty of waterfowl and its important place in our environment and thus made a special insert for this western shore newspaper. Her daughter, Tara Moore, was a well-known artist whose duck, goose and Labrador art was often on the cover. When Richard Slaughter became the owner of Attraction, his love of waterfowl and the Festival continued the annual support. Richard served as a Federal Duck Stamp judge multiple times and always enjoyed having a special dinner with the yearly winner during the Festival. His wife, Harriett Slaughter, who is also the magazine’s proofreader, recalls that “Richard was such a people-person and always so proud of the November issue of the magazine. Each year he couldn’t wait to go talk with the artists we had featured in the issue and show them the articles we had written about them.”

Waterfowl Festival issues from years past! 1981 (left), 1989 (center), 1996 (right)

Today, Richard’s step-daughter, Allison Rogers, is in her fifth year as the magazine’s owner/publisher.  She says, “Although this is my 10th year working with Attraction, the magazine has been a part of my family for much longer than that and I always remember the November issue being referred to as ‘The Biggie.’ A lot of work goes into it but then we are always filled with such pride to help promote the Waterfowl Festival and see people walking around with a copy of the magazine in their hands. This partnership to now publish the Official Guide feels like such a natural progression given our history with the Festival and the staff and I are very excited!”

Harriett Slaughter’s collection of Waterfowl Festival badges from over the years.

Kenneth Miller, President of Waterfowl Festival, Inc. states, “At a time when print media has become more and more challenging for publishers, Attraction continues to thrive, principally due to its emphasis on informative and interesting content, positioning and quality. We’re thrilled to partner with Attraction and are confident that publisher and staff will produce a truly outstanding 2022 Festival Official Guide.”

As always, the Festival’s Official Guide will provide valuable information and content to Festival visitors, exhibitors and the public in general. The print edition will be available at the end of October so that readers may know what to expect on Festival weekend. More issues than normal will be printed and distributed at the Festival itself and a digital flipbook will be available to read online. To inquire about advertising sizes and rates, contact Attraction’s publisher, Allison Rogers, at allison@attractionmag.com.  Thank you for supporting Waterfowl Festival, Inc. and Attraction Magazine.

Sincerely, Allison Rogers


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