Official Waterfowl Festival Poster Unveiled

Step into a world of timeless artistry and captivating nostalgia as the 2023 Featured Poster for the Waterfowl Festival is proudly unveiled. This year’s masterpiece, “Eastern Shore,” comes to life through the brushstrokes of the esteemed painter and longstanding exhibitor, Joe Seme.

The 2023 Waterfowl Festival Featured Poster, “Eastern Shore,” by Joe Seme is available for pre-sale now.

A Glimpse into Joe’s Artistry

Joe’s artwork transcends time, embodying the allure of bygone eras. His passion for objects with stories, like books, decoys, antiques, and collectibles, infuses his creations with a unique depth. As an avid collector, Joe curates treasures from old bookstores, cherished friends, dear family, and treasured memories. It’s within these treasures that his masterpieces take form. His still life “trompe l’oeil” paintings, capturing the essence of objects, carry the whispers of stories and memories that shape his vision.

“This is the most complicated painting I’ve done in many years,” said Joe. “I could have simplified it a bit and saved myself a lot of work, but I just kept getting ideas. Can’t explain it. It’s just the way my artist’s brain works!”

About the Artist

Joe has been a Waterfowl Festival regular exhibitor since 1978 and is a Waterfowl Festival Hall of Fame charter member. Born in New Jersey in 1946, he has mostly resided in North Carolina throughout his life. In 1968, he graduated from Florida State University with a degree in English and a concentration in American Literature. He served in the Marine Corps and owned a night club in the early 70s, near Sugar Mountain. Despite having no formal training, he began painting full time in 1973. After spending 20 years in the North Carolina mountains, he now lives on a salt marsh in Wilmington.

When commissioned to serve as the 2023 Waterfowl Festival’s poster artist, Joe, a celebrated artist, felt a wave of nostalgia wash over him. It brought to mind the time in 1980 when he was given the task of creating the Festival Book Cover painting for the 10th anniversary, which focused on Eastern Shore sporting life. This original painting, now safely tucked away in the Festival office, has been sold out for quite some time. Similarly, in 1990, he was commissioned to produce the cover art for the Festival’s 20th anniversary Official Guide, and as expected, the prints (the original painting can also be found in the Festival office) sold out too.

Joe is an artist with a passion for creating vibrant and imaginative pieces of art. His work is a reflection of his life experiences, the people he has met, and the places he has been.

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“Talbot County Oyster Cans,” by Joe Seme
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