Chesapeake College Foundation Builds Student Success with Scholarships

The Chesapeake College Foundation provided more than $634,000 in scholarships to students for the 23-24 academic year.

From computer science to nursing, welding to commercial truck driving licensure, criminal justice to dental assistant, students from more than 45 degree programs and workforce certifications were represented. The majority of the students receiving scholarships reside within the five counties Chesapeake College serves: Kent, Queen Anne’s, Talbot, Caroline, and Dorchester.

“To see a slice of the workforce here on the Mid-Shore, take a look at our student scholars,” said Chesapeake College Foundation Executive Director Amber McGinnis. “If you’ve been cared for by a hospital or imaging center locally, there’s a good chance that a Chesapeake College alumnus cared for you. Likewise, the teacher your granddaughter loves, your favorite accountant, or the EMT responding to your neighbor’s emergency was most likely trained here.”

Some of this year’s scholars may soon be making goods that fuel our national economy. Several students received scholarships towards classes in the Chesapeake College’s new Advanced Manufacturing Program, which kicked off this spring. This certification program was created in direct response to the needs of regional employers.

In addition to students seeking workforce certifications, Chesapeake College Foundation scholars are also taking the College’s general education courses, as a more affordable path to a bachelor’s degree at a future four-year institution. “One of the most popular degrees here is liberal arts and sciences,” said Dr. Cliff Coppersmith, president of Chesapeake College. “Often students begin with us as dual-enrolled students while they are in high school, complete the rest of their associate’s degree here, and then transfer to other Maryland institutions like Salisbury University, the University of Maryland College Park, and Washington College to finish their studies.”

Chesapeake students are also heading to out-of-state schools and highly selective colleges. “We’ve had our scholars attend selective universities like Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins, and Howard University. Our alums go on to become economists, computer scientists, social workers, architects, and lawyers, just to name a few professions. Chesapeake College offers a path for any and all to achieve their goals,” Dr. Coppersmith added.

Ms. McGinnis credits donors providing gifts and endowments to help students in the future.

“The Chesapeake College Foundation couldn’t provide its support without the generosity of past donors, who saw fit to establish endowed scholarships with the Foundation, as well as faithful annual fund donors who regularly gift scholarships for awarding to students,” she said.

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These are the students who received scholarships from the Chesapeake College Foundation during the 2023-2024 academic year.

Anne Arundel: Joshua Rivers Anne Arundel and Emma Bailey

Caroline:  Zachary Baldwin, Emma Beales, Joshua Braden, Timothy Casey, Zulema Delacruz Martinez, Aireal Garbarino, Ava Lynch, Jenna Maki, Kayla Margas, Erika Nelson, Megan Weishaupt, Alyssa Berneski, Skyler Britton, Dandridge Clark, Joshua Cohee, Ryan Morley, Rhysheem Oney, Dayanara Roblero Velasquez, Diego Rosario-Santiago, Mikaela Seltzer, John Weiss, Caroline Callaghan, Cheyenne Cayer, Zoe Fretterd, Ayda Ventura Tomas, Claire Knauss, Hayden Jackson, Alayna Stafford, Leilani Toulson, Rene Hynson, Annabeth Hill, Zachary Robbins, Logan Shockley, Erin Bowen, Maycee Whetsell, Kimberly Bartolon-Rodriguez, Desmon Edwards, Leondrea Nichols, Cecil Robinson, Brock Johnson, Mariah Ayala, Mya Barrett, Erin Eisemann, Tristen Hrobar, Briona MacCubbin, Kaylyn Nagel, Charity Wood, Timothy Mann, Landon Bedo, Hannah Billings, Anna Jennette, Maynard Woodworth, Joseph Collins, Kaylie Henning, Elizabeth Chiocca, Alyssa Bowen, Zachary Dove, Nicholas Kane, Meredith Miller, Alexis Bates, Da’vaughn Murrill, Amaya Greene, Chad Fike, Tyler Stewart, James Beauchemin, and Nicolas Quade Charles.

Dorchester: Tiffany Geib, Barbara Hopkins, Kendall Leonard, Lydia Bumgarner, Adrienne Martin, Emily Todd, Jerelyann Torres-Perez, Landon Insley, Andrew Clark, Lauren Gootee, Melanie Sheehan, Christopher Wolfe, Karis Diggs, Darryl Fraley, Descellaus Hardy, Mia Koski, Anna Cephas, Lakeria Travers, Elizabeth Davenport Dorchester Angel Davenport Dorchester MaKayla Molock Dorchester Megan Price Dorchester Alexandra Foreman Dorchester Zachary Smith Dorchester Brando Banda-Perez Dorchester Alexis Pete Dorchester Jordan Harding Dorchester Malika King Dorchester Demetria Parker Dorchester Terenzo Jones Dorchester Latasha McNeill Dorchester

Kent: Brittany Wallace Kent Brandon Cannon Kent Ryan Miller Kent Joseph Nuse Kent Hayden Heinefield Kent Ethan Stubbs Kent Isabella Blackburn Kent Mariah Blackburn Kent Hillary Bauer Kent Bianca Potts Kent Cianni Phillips Kent Chelsea Bender Kent Aliyah Dorsey Kent Cienna Rose Kent Hannah Beattie Kent Reanna Jerns Kent

Out of State: James Evans

Queen Anne’s: Melanie Jones-Dalziel, Kyle Jones, Hunter Craig, Erin Grigsby, Emily Gunther, Melissa Gwaltney, Kendall Stevens, Catherine Wilson, Natalie Krozack, Kayla Larrimore, Robert Walter, Peyton Lee, Brenda Hernandez-Ambrocio, Madeline Kent,  Marquis McAbee, Makenzie Stubbs, Cheyanne Jester, Megan Robertson, Morgan Lofland, Aaron Ruff, Jacob Brimmer,  Abigale Bozarth, Daniel Workinger, TaQuan Courtney, Lexus Bridge, Megan Lee, Elijah Credle, Jeffrey DeLair, Laura Hughes, Ty Jacoby, Thomas Nisson, Elena Rado, Azim Sana, Alex Shelkin, Katelyn Tkach, Colleen Weaver, Matthew Wimer, Abigail Voshell, Jasen Xander, Stephanie Moran, Alexandra Green, Colson Bennett, Zachary Herr, Kylie Driver, Katie Hilton, Rachel Mellinger, Anastasia Miller, Kailee Reed, Destiney Hoffmann, Alexia Kelley, Victoria Scully, Amber Calandro, Janessa Hernandez, Kelly Ludden, Bennett Christman, Ashley Kuhn, Lauren Pierce,  and Haley Radziewicz.

Talbot: Brennan Waldorf, Maya Hawkins Bailey, Reginald Jackson, Hailey Kinnamon, Kaitlyn Lyons, Ava Nkanza, Ghotai Popal, Torian Copper, Tyler Currie, James Freeman, Carlton Freeman, Leanna Kennedy, Tucker Kerr, Joshua Sherwood, Matthew Ellingsworth, Morgan Streckfus, Deamani Davis, Deleon Foster, Da’myni Johnson, Aniya Jones, Makayla Moore, Katelyn Martin, Kierstyn Tilley, Olivia Windsor, Rebecca Wright, Randy Soto-Mendez, Armani Martin, Cam Bott, Ayanni Brown, Kaleb Elliott, Elisha Gregory, Bryah Henry, Grace Ortiz Talbot Tye Queen Talbot Xavier Richards-Powell Talbot Rebecca Sawyer Talbot Hannah Schmitz, Andre Stewart, Loren Tucker, Aayza Awan, Mariah Bentz, Olivia Brown, Lindsey Crawford, Katie Dahlen, Rowina Dent, Jessica Lopez, Teagan Miller, Sarah Stauffer, Lyndy Thompson, Bryan Cichetti, Taylor Rupp, Benjamin Spurry, Kailie Foster, Kylie Fluharty, Emma Ross, Cherie Warren, Abigail Meadows, Teegan Murphy, Nathan Sadler, Eva Ramsey, Emma McKenzie, Dayana Gonzalez Madrid, Shelby Moore, and Mona Patel.

Wicomico: Isaiah Robinson

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