Zebra Gallery Features New Artists

The Zebra Gallery at 5 North Harrison Street in Easton has welcomed several new artists to the gallery. According to Susan Schauer John, owner of Zebra Gallery, “I am so excited to have the work of these new artists in my gallery. Their work is fresh and new. I think it will resonate with the locals and visitors alike.”

Thyra Moore lives on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and creates dimensional acrylic made from a variety of materials, including paper, glass, ceramic, and wood. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the renowned Tyler School of Art in Pennsylvania.

“With acrylics, I have the freedom to experience each step and stage of my art,” Thyra said. “I can react with little or no preplanned outcome and take full advantage of the evolutionary process that’s hidden within each creative challenge. My creative process involves recurring development and destruction. Without a preconceived plan, each action informs the next. There is a continual exchange between spontaneous and deliberate moves.”

Hollace Kutay, of Pennsylvania and Tilghman, is a clay artist who uses the ocean to inspire her work. She completed a BFA in ceramics at Pennsylvania State University and is the founder and Executive Director of the Ceramic Art & Culture Institute in Reading, Pennsylvania. The surreal creatures she creates are not trying to capture what is already in existence, but, instead, attempting to emulate a feeling and to connect the public with some of the great mysteries of the underwater world.

“Years ago, my art professor stared critically at my sea-urchin-inspired lidded jar. ‘Never replicate nature, Hollace. It is impossible to compete with God.’ His words have stuck with me to this day. Clay, the medium I have chosen to bring art into being is, in fact, from the earth. The sediment buried deep below the sandy ocean beaches I have walked over a thousand times is the material that makes up my creations,” Hollace states.

The final artist is Nikolay Naydenov from Lovech, Bulgaria. According to Susan, Nikolay does simplicity and purity like no other artist we have seen. His paintings provoke thought and interpretation.

Nikolay states, “Where I live is what I am provoked and inspired by. Urbanization has not yet taken its toll on this place; nature has not yet loosened its grip on it. Away from highways and happenings, it tells a slow-time story.”

He continues, “The paint, the canvas, the light and chaos in the studio… Such has been my life for years. Abstract painting lets me be free, open, and honest. Over time, I have come to aspire towards more and more restrictive means of expression, seeking liberation from accumulation and overabundance.”

For further information, visit www.thezebragallery.com.

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