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In keeping with our commitment of providing the best communication and marketing pathways to our advertisers and contributors, Attraction is announcing a new offering for our collaborators’ communication toolkit: the InfoCast.

An InfoCast provides a personal and professional way to augment an advertiser’s print ad or a contributor’s article with more in-depth information. Attraction’s InfoCast service gives you a way to tell more of your story through an informative interview. You can present timely information about all the special features of your business that cannot be covered in a print ad.

What exactly is an InfoCast? The Process

The InfoCast is a recorded interview conducted between you and interviewer Muphen Whitney. The InfoCast is branded to your business and is provided to you as an edited audio file that is your property: you can post it on your website, make it available on your social media outlets, send it out via an email blast – anything you can do to increase your marketing efforts and to enhance telling your story in a personal and effective way.

Questions are determined in advance with an initial non-recorded interview (by phone or in person) and you will be provided with the questions ahead of the recording session conducted at your location. There is a run-through before recording so that you feel totally comfortable with the process. The recorded interview is professionally edited, and you will have final approval.

The Interviewer

Muphen Whitney began her career as a consultant in the areas of technology, marketing, and communications working with many startup companies and those seeking to reach their next level of success. She brings a marketing and communications sensibility to her work as an InfoCast producer.

Muphen has more than a decade of experience providing “podcasts” for classical music and arts organizations (and organizations and commercial entities). She recently rebranded those products as “InfoCasts,” which is a more accurate description of this type of information and marketing tool.

Her previous podcasts were produced for organizations such as Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra, Fine Arts at Oxford, Amici Music, Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic Association Orchestra, Columbia Orchestra, Philadelphia Classical Guitar Association, Wilmington Classical Guitar Association, and the Chesapeake Agricultural Innovation Center. She recently completed a 13-program series for radio titled “Conversations and Classical Music with Muphen Whitney” that ran on WSCL 89.5 FM in Salisbury.

Muphen lives in Kent County, Maryland with nine computers and an array of recording and audio editing equipment. Her heart lives in Dallas with her favorite football team. She collects art (including photographs) and tries to attend every classical music concert within 200 miles of the Eastern Shore. She fondly remembers her days as a sailor, rider, and horse and dog parent. She still thinks every roadway is a racetrack.

Listen to this InfoCast that was recently created for Attraction Magazine. For more information on scheduling your own InfoCast session, contact Muphen Whitney at or 410-753-2810 (voice only).


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